Probing Powell’s Patience
Levy Economics Institute | Apr 18, 2019

With ECRI’s focus on cycle risk management, we have a solid read on where we are in the economic growth and inflation cycles.

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Since last year’s Minsky Conference, the policy landscape has certainly shifted.

President Trump is proclaiming “the greatest economy in history,” but he’s also demanding a 50 basis point rate cut since there’s very little inflation – he even asked for a return to QE before reversing himself.

And in June, when the current expansion will match the record long 1991-2001 expansion; the Fed will start a one-year “listening” tour – to help it re-jigger its policy framework, in hopes of gaining more firepower.

So both Trump and the Fed are saying the economy’s great, or in a good place, but it needs more support.

It is in this context that ECRI's Lakshman Achuthan presented “Probing Powell’s Patience: Retrospect and Prospect," at the Levy Economics Institute’s 28th Annual Hyman P. Minsky Conference.

Click here to download the full presentation, including notes.

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